Moving All Your Data from Android to iOS

Moving All Your Data from Android to iOS

It’s not easy nowadays to transfer all your phone data including contacts, photos, videos and other necessary things from one phone to another specially it’s very difficult in the case of transferring all your data from Android to iOS.

Here we have defined two methods which will not only help you in overcoming your problem but will also quietly transfer all your data to.

You shouldn’t worry at all, there are probably some method and some apps that will certainly help you in eliminating this issue.

  1. Move to iOS App
  2. Phone to Phone Data Transfer App for PC

You will find these apps much easier way in the transferring of all of your data from one Android to iOS, you will not lose any of your data during this process and its quite easy and simple too.

Moving Your Data from Andriod to iOS through Move to iOS App:

Move To iOS App:

Now its much easier to transfer your data from android to IOS devices in a quick and without panic way. No Fear of data loss and easy to use also because Move to Ios app is here to help you, it can move/transfer all your data from Android devices to your Ios device in a simple way. It will be able to transfer all your data including contacts, photos, videos, messages and everything except password, apps because they depend on different version and latest iPhone model specifications.

The things you need to use this app:-

  • Wi-Fi Network
  • Android Phone
  • IOS Device


Starting the Process to Data Transfer:

  1. Go into the iPhone Setting until you find the option “App & Data” and then “Move Data from Android” option.
  2. In the Android Phone, go to the Google Store and find the app “Move to Ios”.
  3. Open this app install it and after that press continue on both Phones, Agree and press next on the option shown on the Android Phone.
  4. On the Android Phone, enter the 12-digit number on the iPhone.
  5. After you have entered the code, Android Phone will connect iPhone over Wifi Connection and will check what data you want to transfer.
  6. After transferring data from Android to iPhone, both phones will be disconnected.
  7. Lastly, on the iPhone press “Continue setting up iPhone” option and transfer your data, let’s take as an example 300MB.Due the use of  High WiFi Network connection it took us 7mins to transfer the Data.

Move Data from Android to Ios Device though Phone to Phone Data Transfer though PC:

Phone to Phone Data Tranfer App trough PC:           

Nowadays, you find data transfer a bit easy and quite normal procedure when you are moving from your old version phone to the new one, but in some cases like Android to iPhone, you will find it quite tricky and difficult too.

It’s quite difficult to transfer all things, including videos, messages, contact, photos at one time easily. Having the fear of losing your data and confusing mind can lead to you unexpected things.

So, in this scenario, you have to keep cool your mind because there is a solution to every problem.

In this case, we are letting you know the best and easy way to avoid this situation because there are definitely some apps that will not only help you in this matter, but also will take care very well in keeping your data safe and smoothly transferred.

The prefect app in your case is the Phone to Phone data transfer app that will be installed on your PC and through this app, you will probably find it quite easy and safe too.

 As this app wouldn’t only transfer your data with ease, but it wouldn’t disturb your mind as well.

This app will surely save yourself lots of time, money and mind disturbing techniques too.

This app will transfer all your data including videos, messages, contact, music and everything from your Android Device to the IOS Device.

The things you will need in making process are:-

  • PC
  • WiFi
  • Android Phone
  • IPhone

Step in making the Process done are:

  1. Open the PC and run the Phone to Phone Data Transfer app which is being already installed on your PC.
  2. This app is already available with separate versions for the Windows and Macs.
  3. The app will open and will show the some some options including Start under “Phone to Phone Transfer”.
  4. After clicking the start button, the app will ask you to connect the required devices.
  5. Connect and plug-in both the android and iPhone devices to your PC as per data transfer.
  6. Android device might take a little bit of time as it will search and find the drivers and install them.
  7. Once both the devices are connected through USB cables, you have to wait for the devices to detect.
  8. After the devices are being connected and detected too, you will wait for their display on the windows screen.
  9. Now the main process will start as both the devices are now connected, the “Start Copy” option will appear on the window screen.
  10. You have to locate that the source device must be the Android and the target device is the iPhone.
  11. You will see also another option, “Flip”, which will flip/switch the devices as you want them.
  12. After this Procedure, press the “Start Copy” option and the data transfer will started and message will be also displayed as ‘Copying’.
  13. All your Android data, including, messages, videos, contacts will be transferred to the iPhone.
  14. After the process will be completed, you will see the option “Completed”.
  15. You have successfully transferred, all your data without any problem.

These are some of the techniques which will not only help you in overcoming your problem, but it will also help in letting you move all your data from Android to iOS easily,perfectly and without loss of any data.


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