Love Music? Get These 5 Music Apps Now

Love Music? Get These 5 Apps Now

With passage of time, the music lovers have been changed their taste and way of enjoying the music. In the modern era, a lot of sources are available for music lovers including CDs, internet, Smartphone apps, radio and TV etc. With the advent of the latest versions of smart phones, trend of using music applications on smart phones have been increasing. Being a portable device, smart phone is the popular source of enjoying music apps.

In the android phone sets, there are numerous mobile application developers who are launching the trendy and pleasant music apps for the music lovers in an innovative manner. You may go to the Google Play Store; there are numerous music apps for the music lovers which can be downloaded. It is very difficult to download all music apps, so we have to select some according to our choice.

The users of smart phones can get benefit of streaming technology for streaming audio or video of music on android device. There are some android music apps which may enhance the potentiality of streaming on android device.


Pandora is the most popular music apps among all music lovers and can be run on android devices smoothly. Pandora offers exclusive online radio streaming services which can be channelized according to your own individualistic choices.

By installing the Pandora app, you can enjoy the songs, genres, and artists according to your own specific tastes on your android devices. You can attest the high quality of audio streaming by using Pandora but this music app is not available in all countries but you just can enjoy this music app in United States.

Audio Galaxy:

Audio Galaxy is very fantastic music app for streaming music from your PC to your android devices. You just install Audio Galaxy on your PC for putting all songs of your choice in the playlist and then you can receive all songs on your android smart phone by installing this latest music app, Audio Galaxy.

Audio Galaxy provides solution of the problems by giving extra space to your music library; you can add a lot of songs and other music items in your library without any fear of short storage capacity.  Surely, your PC can tackle gigabytes of music to terabyte hard disks but smart phones are not linked there.

The most advantageous role of Audio Galaxy is that you don’t need to upload music of your choice on your phone; you just make catalogues of your musical threads on your PC and can stream it on your phone too! You can use Audio Galaxy on your phones remotely linked with your PC where Audio Galaxy is installed. In this way you can enjoy music from speakers of your PC but it can be played on your phones too.


Subsonic is also very entertaining musical app which can be installed on your PC easily but you can stream audio on your android phone. The main benefit of this wonderful music app is to switch music on the fly and stream podcasts. By using Subsonic browser, you may browse and arrange your music collection.

Subsonic also provides the facility of server hosting which is very helpful to store your music data on the server for having 24/7 access to your music collection. Subsonic offers hosting services free of cost and you can get benefit of this advanced feature of Subsonic. You can also enjoy the advanced features of this superb music app, Subsonic like audio visualize as well as equalizer, adaptive bitrates etc.

Sound Wire:

Sound Wire is one of the popular music apps which allow you to amuse musical streams on your smart phones by linking to your PC. Sound Wire launches such advanced features of broadcasting your PC’s audio streams wirelessly on your android phone without fixing your place near your PC. Sound Wire allows you to watch and listen the music and movies by being on the distant place.  You can manage volume of your audio streams by your android devices.

The most advanced feature of Sound Wire is to run stream music files but also the genuine audio files added on your PC. If you are using some audio programs like YouTube, Winamp, iTunes and Grooveshark on your PC, the audio files will be broadcast on your android phone simultaneously.

Sound Wire offers the android phone users, a very high quality audio streaming with low frequency. It is very supportive to reduce the load on your bandwidth by compressing the audio files. The audio files can be transmitted to android devices without losing the first-rate quality of streaming! Just

 Amazon MP3:

Amazon MP3 is one of the latest music apps which launch the amazon cloud, enormous network of PCs for enhancing the data storage capacity of millions of users. Its data storage capacity ranges from terabytes to petabytes.  Amazon MP3 offers the facility of cloud player which helps the users to upload their music to the cloud system of computer network and can easily stream from any place. Amazon MP3 music apps can connect your PC’s music library to your android phone for streaming audio files effortlessly.

The most valuable benefit of Amazon’s Cloud Player is that you can browse the data of twenty million songs in MP3 format which are placed in MP3 store. Whenever you buy your favorite song, you can directly upload to Amazon’s Cloud Player for streaming automatically on your android device.

Amazon MP3 offers the cloud player services free of charges for uploading 250 songs but you have to pay charges if you want to extend this limit to 250,000 songs Cloud Player Premium. Amazon MP3 app facilitates the potential users with both Amazon MP3 Store as well as Amazon Cloud Player simultaneously.

Just go ahead and choose some valuable music apps for enjoying music of your own choice. By installing these latest musical apps, you may manage the catalogs of your songs and other audio files by storing data in your music library easily.


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