Hottest Social Media Android Applications

The increased usage of smartphones has fueled social networking around the world. Nowadays, people rarely make use of the traditional messenger to communicate. However,this is not required anymore because these traditional ways of communication have been replaced by social networking websites and applications. Some people use it to share thoughts, while others use it meet friends and family. One could share photos, videos, thoughts, links and even location using this platform. Few of the hottest social media apps currently available on android are listed below:

  1. Facebook

Facebook is one of the top social networking applications of our time. It is available to users over the age of thirteen. It helps connect with friends and family in a blink of an eye. It helps users check what their friends are up to. They can share updates, pictures, videos and location. In addition to this, you can text, chat, have group conversations and even play your favorite games using your favorite apps. Using push notifications, users can get notified when their friends comment or like their posts.

  1. Instagram

People are social. Most of the times they like to stay connected with their friends and family through the social media. They enjoy sharing with others what they are seeing or doing. With over 300 million downloads, Instagram has made it easier for users to share pictures and videos directly from their mobile phones. Nor does it only allows its users to share a picture taken, but it also allows one to add location and caption and even edit them.

With the help of free custom-designed filters, like blur effects, control colors and other picture enhancement effects anyone can become an artist! One can use those ten advanced creative tools to change contrast, brightness, saturation, shadows, vignette and perspective.

Instagram is said to be a social media network because users find people to follow and share their photos with them on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and other social media networks. The application also allows its users to send private photos and videos directly to their friends.

  1. Tango Messenger, Video & Calls

With over 500 million installs Tango is one of the top free social networking apps in the market. ­It has won the Best Communication App at 2013 Appy Awards, Best Texting App at 2013 Reader’s Choice Awards and Must Have Apps List at 2013 Verizon Wireless Awards.

Tango is a free messaging service that allows users to connect to their friends and family through video and voice calls and messages. It is free and easy to use. Calls and messages do not use the user’s data plan. No login or password is required in order to make an account. Using push notifications, one can stay connected to friends and family at all the time.

The application provides high quality video conferencing and one-to-one and group chat with hundreds of friends. Furthermore, it works best using 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi. On Tango, users can browse channels in different categories and follow them. Thus, keeping you connected to your favourite brands and celebrities at all time.


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