Best Medical Android Apps For Men

The lives of ordinary people are increasingly becoming centered on mobile devices. There are literally thousands of apps available on the Internet pertaining to each and every subject.

For all those people who are conscious about their health and are looking for the best medical android apps for men, there is an app that tracks symptoms of chronic illness. Another app allows you to ask embarrassing questions while remaining anonymous. Mobile apps are changing the way individuals interact with their doctors. Below, you will find a list of medical android apps for men that are very convenient and helpful.


First in our list of best medical android apps for men is HealthTap. If you need an answer to any question (even an embarrassing ones), there are two very useful apps from HealthTap that you should check out. The HealthTap app follows a question and answer format and has the capability of tapping into a network of more than 50,000 doctors. Another latest app, Talk to Docs is a simplified version of HealthTap which also offers voice recognition feature.

HealthTap is a kind of social networking app with more privacy. The user is allowed to set up a profile on HealthTap and find friends. There is a news feed as well. However, basically it is a question and answer app. The user may type a question and send it to the app. Within a short period of time, a doctor will answer your question. If you want an urgent answer, you may sped up the process by donating 0.99 dollars.

HealthTap is not entirely an anonymous app because it requires some personal information. It also creates a profile which logs the activities of the user as well as the questions asked by him. Talk to Docs is different in this sense since it is completely anonymous. It is also more simple and less personal. When a user asks a question, the application carries out a search to find the answer in a database of questions that have already been answered by HealthTap. Then it selects the most appropriate answers and returns them back to the user in the form of a list. It must be noted here that neither Talk to Docs or HelathTap are replacements for a real and licensed medical practitioner.

Doctor on Demand

There are many people who want to avoid visiting a doctor. For all these people there is a very useful medical android app for men, Doctor on Demand. It is a latest app that brings the doctor to your phone. The only things a user needs to do is write the symptoms and upload some pictures. This will connect you to a licensed medical practitioner who will use the video conferencing facility for the purpose of carrying out a diagnosis. This will cost you around $40 for a short consultation of 15 minutes. The physician in question can prescribe medicines and provide referrals.

Doctor on Demand is not a replacement of a real doctor or a proper diagnosis, however, it can offer help in cases of minor injuries sustained during sports activities, minor skin conditions and general illnesses.


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