Analyzing android security feature through apps

Analyzing android security feature through apps

Your phone is your property and you want it save by all means. But what if you drop it somewhere or somebody snatch it from you while you are attending some party. This horrified example always gives a second thought to find ways to improve your phone security. Luckily android provide such security tricks and apps, which enable user to find their phones even if they lose it. Following are some android security features that help you in case you lose your phone or even data.

Never save your password: many user check the save password option while signing in to their personal account. They never tend to think what if some other person like sibling or friend uses their phone and may cause loss of data. Try to avoid all your important passwords save on your android device especially when you are using some banking site. It causes data lose and accounts can also get hacked. Log out from these sites is another way to prevent from these data loses issues.

Enjoy android security feature: android offer their users built in screen locks e.g. pin code, patterns, passwords, voice lock and even with face unlock option with encryption feature. It enables further enhancement in security. Try to use these built in lock screen features instead of different third party apps. Also make passwords and patterns tricky and difficult which cannot easily assessable for others.

Lock applications: with overall lock option on phone, we can also lock applications easily which we frequently use and all those which contain some personal data e.g. Facebook, Google Drive, Whatsapp etc. Locking apps that hold your person information is vital in order to ensure that no other person can see your information you want to hide. This feature work as second layer of security to prevent anyone from using your lost device only if they somehow manage to bypass your locked android device. If your android device do not have this type of application then no worries. There are many apps available on Google store providing the same functionality to prevent losing data.

Keep an eye while downloading apps: when we download apps on our device it also asks for required permission. Try to read whose permission properly before further process. I know it takes little time but it’s better to save then sorry. Because not all apps on Google play are save to use. Also try to read all the comments and reviews, people gave about particular app you are searching for. It is the best technique to get an idea before trying it firsthand.

Use security apps: one of the android security features is try to install best security apps when you get your new android phone. This is the best tip to secure your phone from starting. In order to get unwanted malware files you should install some antivirus app which regularly checks your device from viruses, junk files, stealers etc. There are many apps available for this purpose e.g. clean master which keep your android device updated and assures maximum security. Security app not only prevents you from viruses but it also facilitates with super cool features that help you to locate your phone if it get lost.

Backup your data: a backup of your previous data is must. Imagine if you lost your android phone and you didn’t backup your data. Without backup you will lose all your personal information. If you have some backup you have chances to restore your device which is a plus option for you.  As an android user you can back up your data on cloud or even on Google drive.

Securing the network: one of the most important steps in protecting your android phone is to secure your network. Never use public Wi-Fi or internet when you are going to do some important work regarding to online shopping, checking bank account or transferring money. As long you are sharing the same network with public connection. Everyone can easily sniff out your packets and access your private information for example your password, name etc. Always use your personal mobile data or internet connection. It is also important to switch off your internet connection when you are done.Other person can easily access to your information through your internet connection.

Clear History: always clear your history before sharing your android phone with other. Everyone can access your personal information through history tab. Try to delete it frequently.

Encrypt your data: android offer its user to encrypt their data for few years. This mean if for any case you lost your android phone. Other person will not be able to access your data even he has your phone. This feature is smart and help user in genuine way to get secure as much as they can.

Google play the best way: only use Google play store to download apps, some ask why? Well the reasons is there are many other duplicate repositories of a single android app that might contain cracked version or else. Not every repository of those apps can claim to secure as they are not been verified by Google security team. So it is save to download apps only from trusted source for example Google app store it is the most secure android security feature. For more ease you can set Google play store your default downloader so you may not get into any hurdle further.

Enable remote wipe: download such apps that wipe out all the data, apps, every useful information from your phone. This is useful when you are sure that you lost your android phone. With this app you can delete all your data from your device. So the other person can’t access it

Conclusion: so today we analyze android security features, that will make your device secure and you will also get rid of unwanted viruses and hacking tricks. Though with new versions android will be updating the security problems. But these android security features we can easily secure our phone without any version label.


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