3 Best Educational iOS Applications

With iOS people having access to loads of powerful free apps there are currently 20,000 applications on the Apple iTunes store on education and learning space. It is packed with apps for every grade level and learning style.

  1. iTunes U

Over a thousand colleges and universities are using iTunes U on their iPads, iPhones and iPods. It is considered to be the best app to create and experience courses online. Moreover, it gives learners access to the ‘world’s largest digital catalogue’ of free education content.

The application allows students and teachers to open up a discussion group so that they can post questions on a particular course or assignment. As the discussion progresses, teachers and students are updated with the help of push notifications.

iTunes U offers free courses online in a wide selection of subjects. Therefore, allowing students to view all assignments and updates from the instructors at one place. It gives student’s access to course materials, including; audio, video, articles, presentations and iBooks.

The iTunes U offers world’s largest digital catalogue. This means students have been given a chance to select from over 750,000 free lectures, books and many other resources. It also gives them opportunity to browse collections from institutesfrom around thirty different countries.

One of the most important features of iTunes U is that it allows teachers to create a course online. They can provide students with course outline distribute assignments, upload materials and much more. Teachers affiliated with top institutes have the preference to publish their courses to iTunes U catalogue, thus making it available free to everyone using the app.

  1. Baby Flash Cards: 450+ flashcards app for babies, preschool & kindergarten- Kids learn first words with sounds, colours and pictures

Baby Flash Cards is one of the best apps available on the Apple iTunes store for pre-schoolers and toddlers. It has been ranked in Top 100 free education Apps in 23 countries. This amazing app helps parents built a strong first words vocabulary for pre-schoolers and toddlers. It offers twelve different categories like- food items, animals, alphabets, transportation, numbers and so on.

To make it more fun for the kids, the application has more than 450 high quality images, professional voice overs and great memory building exercises. Furthermore, there are real sounds where applicable to boost visual and auditory learning.

  1. Driver’s Ed Lite

This application has been specifically designed to help learners pass their driver’s permit test. With over 525 questions, it helps learners study topics like: accidents, alertness, attitude, documents, hazard awareness, motorway rules, road and traffic signs and other types of vehicle. With a highly interactive user interface, the application requires little input from the user as four most important options are available on the main menu: Study, Practice, Tips and Tricks, Mock Test.

The mock test mode allows users to stimulate a real test format so that one is prepared earlier. In addition to this, Driver’s Ed Lite records ones progress and gives a summary of how they performed. A driver’s manual is also available in the app.


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