3 Best Educational Android Applications

Gaining knowledge is not restricted to schools, universities or libraries nowadays. Various app made for smart phones have made it easier for millions around the world to have access to knowledge.

The Google Play for Education store encourages its developers to develop applications aimed at the K-12 audience. Apps could be easily purchased in bulk to be installed on the school tablets or distributed across an entire classroom. In order to do this, schools have to load accounts with funds for the app store, so the teacher can easily download it and make it available for the students.

The applications are designed in such a way that they keep ones data safe, secure and in their control.

The top three educational applications on android can be listed as follows:

  1. Udemy: Courses and Tutorials

Udemy is a free educational application, ready to be downloaded from the Google Play store. However, it offers in-app purchases. With over four million downloads, Udemy is considered to be the top educational android application. It is the world’s largest centre for on-demand courses and tutorials. Udemy can help one achieve their goals in no time!

The application is available 24/7. One can learn anywhere and at anytime. You can watch video lectures, listen to audio lectures, study articles or presentations or go through anything related to your subject of interest. We can also save lectures to be viewed offline. This is especially very handy for those who frequently use buses, subways, aeroplanes or being in place that does not provide internet.

It is a platform that offers thousands of courses in hundreds of subjects. The courses of various subjects include: Programming (Java, Python, PHP, Ruby and many more), Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Photography, Yoga, Salsa, Cake Decorating, Design and the list go on.

  1. Babbel- Learn Languages

With nearly ten million downloads, Babbel achieved the Best Mobile App of 2014 award. It is the best available application on the Google Play store to learn a new language online. The app offers thirteen different foreign languages- Spanish, French, German, Russian, Italian, Turkish, Brazilian, Portuguese, Swedish, Polish, Norwegian,Dutch, Danish and Indonesian.

The application sets various goals and exercises to be achieved by the learner. It also offers speech recognition technology so that one can improve their pronunciation. It’s ideal for all ages and for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners.

Once the user begins the learning process, their progress is synchronised across all android devices and website platforms.In addition to this, it comes with in-app purchases for different courses.

  1. Lumosity

To challenge your memory and test your attention, one must have Lumosity in their smartphones. With over sixty million downloads around the world, Lumosity creates a Training Program to be used by all ages. The application has been designed by neuroscientists and its games are used in various researches. It is a fun application used to gain and test ones knowledge. While one is playing a game, he is also improving and learning skill. With in-app purchases one can compare results and play more.


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